Mitakuye Oyasin (mee ‘tak kwee ay o ‘ya sin)

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"The show was an excellent display of the Native American Culture. The traditional songs and stories were great."

K. Rodriquez, Diversity Fair, Bethlehem, PA

"With Jackie's calming vocals and Kevin Soffera's intoxicating grooves, the auditorium full of rowdy kids was soon entranced with her show. The students were still and listened to her story, clapping to the beat, and left singing the songs and talking about the drummer. They learned without knowing it!"

John Huie, Music teacher, Northeast Middle School


Mitakuye Oyasin is a Lakota phrase that translates in English to
“We are all related.”

This phrase encapsulates the essence of Native American traditional life and teachings. The interdependence of life – Nature and Human Nature – is contingent on the fact that survival is only maintained when each is mindful of the importance of the other. This relationship is the cornerstone of American Indian philosophy.

Born of mixed Native American and European ancestry, Jackie Tice blends her roots and directs her personal worldview into universal images. Reciting spoken word pieces and stories, which are teaching narratives reflecting the cultural experience of being Native American, values such as compassion, respect, tolerance, humility and gratitude are central to her programs.

Jackie Tice recounts her own experiences of reservation life, a buffalo hunt and various phenomenon that are unknown to the Euro/American culture. Sharing through original music that is, stylistically, folk-rock, and lyrically, paints vivid pictures of respect and appreciation for the Land, Tice also performs traditional songs on the Native American flute and horn rattle.


About Jackie Tice

Jackie Tice is a songwriter, artist, and mother. A proponent for peace, her songs are emotionally captivating and contain a truthful and uplifting message that is rare to find. In addition to her active touring schedule, Jackie is a teaching artist, presenting artist residencies through a federally funded grant program, Art as a Way of Learning, which uses the arts to enhance literacy and encourage creative, peaceful expressions of emotion and ideas.

Winner of the National Kerrville Award for Emerging Songwriters, Jackie Tice is a unique voice among acoustic performing artists. Her recent CD, Second Skin, is produced by 2005 Native American Grammy-winner, Bill Miller. After working on Jackie’s album, Miller said, “Hers is a voice that needs to be heard – her songs are as poetic as they are powerful!”

Performing with an Ensemble, Tice's rootsy, expansive musical style soars, combining a tight poly-rhythmic acoustic guitar approach with wide-open bass lines, dynamic and lyrical percussion and singular unshakeable vocal harmonies.

Jackie Tice Trio-Acoustic/Electric Show
Jackie Tice: acoustic and electric guitars, Native flute, vocals
Kevin Soffera: percussion/rattles/drum sounds
Billy Hall: electric bass and vocals

Jackie Tice Duo-Acoustic Show
Jackie and Kevin Soffera


Booking and Contact:
Saja Maka Music
PO Box 333
Center Valley PA 18034 USA


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